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We  are a professional  and expert  in critical environment  application.  We customize to unique requirements and work with top-tier suppliers to offer a complete range of equipment, furnishings and supplies. Environment Solution Tech  combines top quality, technical assistance on Clearoom products ,  pass-throughs, air shows and tunnels, fan filter units, cleanroom dispensers, desiccators, glove boxes and laminar flow hoods. And our new line item  such as  Atomic Layer Deposition System  ( ALD) products .



Our  Products


Corona Virus Protection Supply and Equipments



Cleanroom  Products




Scientific Equipments


Water Purification Systems    



Medical Devices &  Equipments     


3M Face  Mask


Plant   Growth  Chamber



Blood Bank  Refrigerator &  other  Scientific  Equipments 






Veeco’s atomic layer deposition systems



DEPCO  Power Generator 

Diesel Power Generator   




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